Singapore Offshore Vessel Services

Singapore offshore vessel services
Alatas ServiceField Service, Workshop Repairs Load Testing
Vessel VLCC
Equipment TypeAnchor Windlass
Crane ManufacturerNippon Pusnes
Equipment Model P-19ACU

In this job, our experts at Alatas Singapore demonstrated their multi-disciplinary offshore vessel services after successfully supervising the removal of old and damaged claw couplings onboard a customer’s VLCC. At the Western Anchorage in Singapore, this job required inspections, machining, installation, and testing to repair a Nippon Pusnes P-19ACU windlass.

Job Scope

  1. Alatas Singapore mobilised to vessel and held a meeting on board with the captain and chief engineer to discuss the job scope of the supervision of replacing the claw coupling at the port side windlass.
  2. Alatas Singapore also carried out a toolbox talk and risk assessment, met with the superintendent to discuss the procedures for removing the winch to replace craw coupling before performing a visual inspection of the anchor winch.
  3. Alatas Singapore removed the entire winch and both couplings by pulling out hollow jacks and then removed the shaft keys and set screws which the team then brought to Alatas Singapore’s workshop for fabrication.
  4. Measurements were taken of both shaft diameters for machining new coupling.
  5. Alatas Singapore installed both new couplings to the winch before putting back the whole winch in place. In addition to this, they performed alignment for both shaft and couplings. Finally, Alatas Singapore adjusted the coupling gap and filled up Chock-Fast after alignment.
  6. The team adjusted the claw coupling to 1.0 mm and was found to be OK.and tightened all foundation bolts using a Hytorque power tool.
    Then testing on the functions of the windlass was tested, and observed the main shaft moving from side to side around 10 mm as the locking ring was worn out.
  7. Alatas’ solution was to weld an additional spacer ring at the locking ring to stop shaft shifting side to side for temporary repair only. The team then tested this and the windlass was now working correctly.
  8. After removing the lifting frames and boxing up the gear casing cover, Alatas Singapore successfully tested the winch and windlass with a DNV surveyor. Then the team dropped anchor up to two shackles and tried several times, which was satisfactory.

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