Rope Access NDT Inspections

Rope Access NDT Inspections
Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationGulf of Mexico, USA
Equipment Type Moonpool
Drilling Equipment / Loose Lifting Equipment

Alatas Americas was contracted to complete rope access NDT inspections for drilling equipment in the Gulf of Mexico.

Field Service Technicians from Alatas America mobilised to travel to the client’s drilling equipment in the Gulf of Mexico. The first task by the team was the exchange and install of moonpool winch sheaves. The Alatas Technicians gained access to the existing sheaves using rope access techniques.

Next, the team installed Nord Lock washers and new pin caps to the four remaining sheaves that were not accessible via the work basket. Additionally, 2,751 bolts in the moonpool area were checked and torqued again using lead climb and rope access. During this step, the team found potentially dropped debris and then removed.

Our Field Service team then carried out an MPI on all accessible and critical areas of the main and auxiliary Dead Line Anchors and the various newly installed fixed points through the vessel as requested by the client.

The last phase of the work conducted by the Field Service technicians was a visual inspection via rope access of the guide rail proximity switches. Our team found all controls to be relatively clean from mud and no visible signs of damage. 50% of the bolts were loose were re-tightened to complete the work.

Job Scope for Rope Access NDT Inspections

  • MPI of Dead Line Anchors Main
  • MPI of Dead Line Anchors AUX
  • MPI of Thruster #1 Maintenance Platform Pad Eyes
  • MPI of Thruster #1 Dome Pad Eyes
  • MPI of Thruster #1 Drive Shaft Clamp
  • MPI of MDP Umbilical Assembly
  • VI Guide Track Proximity Switches AUX & Main 
  • MPI of BOP Crane Dead End Anchors


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