Offshore Crane Overhaul

Offshore crane overhaul

Client’s requirements

  • Replacement of obsolete crane control system
  • Replacement of obsolete rated capacity indicator and rated capacity limiter
  • Replacement of all hydraulic pumps
  • Replacement of all hydraulic hoses
  • Replacement of crane operator cabin
  • Overhaul and upgrade of main hoist winch
  • Replacement of auxiliary hoist winch with a new man riding certified winch
  • Replacement of boom hoist winch with a new man riding certified winch
  • Installation of a wireless remote controlled emergency power pack
  • Testing and certification of crane for man riding operation
  • Crane load and overload test Training Handing over to operation

Job Scope for Offshore Crane Overhaul

  • This required the engineering and design of all new required components
  • Software development for a customer-specific crane management system
  • Benefits to client: Latest technology of man riding certified winches
  • Latest control system technology
  • Crane certified for man riding to latest personnel transport requirement
  • Hydraulic system renewed to last for another two decades
  • Crane operator cabin to latest standard requirements in terms of size and visibility
  • Latest safety features like MOPS, AOPS and LBPS Emergency power pack with local control as well as radio control for operating all functions in case of an emergency
  • Interactive HMI for the crane operator and service personnel
  • Access to the CMS via code for fault finding and crane function calibration

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