Protecting Boom Lacings from Hook Strikes

The problem of damaged boom lacings caused by hook strikes is commonplace in the industries we serve.

Alatas now has come up with an effective solution in the form of our ‘Bumper Bar System’ that fully protects all lattice crane booms from hook strikes.

The bumper bars are modular, adjustable and made to fit a wide range of boom lacing designs. The system is manufactured in high tensile steel, attached to the boom’s main chords with rubber layered clamping flanges which are outfitted with heavy-duty D-Profile rubber bumper elements.

All bolts are galvanized with nuts from Nord-Lock including Nylon Self Locknuts and all washers and spring washers. The complete system comes with lanyard and accessories and is 100% DROPS compliant.

All elements are sandblasted and painted with a three-layer marine grade paint. We have installed the bumper bars on numerous crane types over the years with excellent results and feedback from our customers.


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