PAUT of NOV Top Drive System

PAUT of NOV Top Drive Syste
Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationGulf of Mexico, USA
Equipment Type Top Drive

Alatas Americas was contracted to complete PAUT (Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing) of the top drive systems, Hydraracker pins and BOP pins of an NOV TDX-1250. 

This work was part of the client’s SOP annual requirements to its top drive systems. Alatas US mobilised Field Service Technicians to travel to the client’s vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. The team conducted PAUT and visual examinations to the NOV TDX-1250 following Alatas’ PAUT Inspection Procedures. Additional PAUT took place on the Hydraracker pins, BOP Crane Dead End Connection Pins and 24x BOP RAM Door Bolts.

Job Scope

  • AUT of Top Drive Stem
  • PAUT Main Hydro-Rackers
  • PAUT AFT Hydro-Rackers
  • PAUT of BOP Crane Pins
  • PAUT of BOP Ram Bolts-414, 415, 416, 417, 418, 419


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