Overhaul of Liebherr Boom Cable Layer

Alatas ServiceField Service
Vessel TypeCable Layer
Crane ManufacturerLiebherr
Crane ModelRL-T-2650-80-LIT

We performed this overhaul of a Liebherr boom on a Cable Layer vessel which is equipped with a telescopic ram luffing Liebherr RL-T-2650-80-LIT offshore crane.

The vessel’s crane consisted of two internal telescopic hydraulic cylinders and one of the cylinders started to leak.

The client wanted to upgrade their crane to address the crane’s increase in downtime, which had affecting been productivity for over a year.

Alatas Singapore was called in to assess the situation, prepare a job scope and execute the repair. The boom was dismantled in the shipyard and the hydraulic cylinder was extracted and transported to our specialist cylinder repair workshop.

Reassembly, function testing and overload testing again were managed by our specialist Liebherr Offshore Crane Engineers.


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