Huisman Crane Winch Overhaul

Huisman Crane Winch Overhaul General Check-up and S.W.L Load Test During Docking Singapore Shipyard
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Crane ManufacturerHuisman

Alatas Singapore performed a Huisman crane winch overhaul all its winches, carrying out a check-up and to conduct the S.W.L load test during docking at ST Marine Shipyard, Tuas Road, Singapore.

The overhaul of the brake system for all winches (aux hoist, main hoist and luffing winch) carried out in situ. The tugger winch was removed to Alatas a workshop for overhaul. Our team then supervised the shipyard’s crane servicing jobs (structure and 25% of slewing ring mounting bolts – NDT test).

A general crane check-up and configuration carried out and S.W.L test carried out on Huisman crane and concluded inspection by recommending spare parts proposal to be provided by Alatas.

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