Offshore Ship Crane Inspections

Alatas ServiceField Service, Inspections
LocationIstanbul, Turkey
Vessel Offshore Supply Ship
Crane TypeDeck Crane
Crane 1Huisman 850 MT
Crane 2Liebherr CBO 3600-100

Alatas Turkey carried out offshore ship crane inspections on a Huisman 850 MT and a Liebherr CBO 3600-100. These cranes were on an offshore supply ship docking in Istanbul.

A team from Alatas Turkey mobilised to the vessel to carry out the inspections. On the Huisman crane, our experts found the batteries in poor condition and too much corrosion on the slewing gearbox.

Alatas Turkey also found a broken F01 fuse box and the E02 transformer missing in the switch cabinet of the Liebherr crane. Other defects on the Liebherr crane included high corrosion on the dipstick and main hoisting dipstick and the hydraulic tank was empty.

When the inspections were complete Alatas Turkey met with the crane master and discussed their recommendations for repair and the relevant processes. We are ready to assist you from our worldwide locations. If your offshore cranes require inspections or repairs, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


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