Main Boom Cylinder Overhaul

Main Boom Cylinder Overhaul
Alatas ServiceWorkshop Repairs
LocationBradford, UK
Equipment TypeCylinder
Crane TypeOffshore Knuckle Boom
Crane ManufacturerNOV

Alatas UK recently carried out a main boom cylinder overhaul for an NOV knuckle boom crane on an offshore drilling barge working from their Bradford workshop. The cylinder unit was overhauled as part of a Managed Crane Contract, which includes maintenance work such as this.

Job Scope

The hydraulic cylinder was disassembled and inspected at Bradford Workshop. The workshop engineers examined the seals for signs of wear or mode of failure. Then the steelwork was inspected for wear, and the chrome rod was also checked for pitting and any damage. The cylinder was then cleaned before the inspection and a report with the inspection’s findings was issued to the client for review prior to further works starting.

After the client had reviewed the inspection report, the workshop team rebuilt the cylinder with new seals and spherical bearings. Then the Bradford engineers completed a full pressure and dynamic leak test on Alatas’ test rig. The tests were satisfactory and to complete the work, the cylinder was painted to an offshore spec paint system and prepared for shipping back to the customer.

The client mobilised Alatas service technicians to install the cylinder back to the NOV knuckle boom crane to their site, which was also covered in the client’s managed crane contract.

If you require our Workshop services overhaul work for your cranes or their components or want to find out more about our Manage Crane Contracts, please Contact Us.


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