MacGregor Crane Sheave Removal Scotland

Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationMontrose, Scotland
Crane TypeMacGregor Hydramarine
Crane ModelHMC 3537LKO 250-30.0(500-15.0) AHC

This MacGregor crane sheave removal in Montrose, Scotland, was performed by our expert engineers over the course of two days aboard the client’s vessel. The team from Alatas UK met with the chief engineer and planned the SOW to take place the following morning, which was completed smoothly.

Job Scope for MacGregor crane sheave removal Scotland

  1. Change out of main rope sheaves.
  2. NDT on both sheaves pins after removal
  3. Inspection on sheaves after changeout
  4. Set up of cordoned-off safe working load test area
  5. Full load test 
  6. Post load test inspection
  7. NDT of sheave and boom head
  8. Completion of critical path inspection and test and inspection passed.

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