Liebherr RL 1500-20D 5 Yearly Survey

Alatas Service: Field Service, 5 Yearly Survey
Location: North Sea
Manufacturer: Liebherr
Model: RL 1500-20D

Alatas has recently completed a Liebherr RL 1500-20D 5 Yearly Survey on time, within budget and to an excellent standard.

SOW included winch inspections, hook block overhaul with pull test, electrical inspection, slew bearing assessment, splines, leak oil and load test to mention a few.

This Liebherr RL 1500-20D Offshore Crane is mounted on an Offshore Rig in the North Sea and was due for its 5 Yearly Class Survey and thorough crane inspection & maintenance.

As the Liebherr Offshore Crane Service Specialist, Alatas was asked to carry out this field service attendance.

Our factory-trained, multi-disciplined crane engineers and LOLER and LEEA accredited lifting gear inspectors carried out the crane assessment and maintenance work, which included the following:

Job scope for Liebherr RL 1500-20D 5 Yearly Survey

  1. Review of crane certification & maintenance records
  2. Inspection of steel structure loose gears following our comprehensive Offshore Crane Checklist
  3. Inspection and function testing of all main drive components
  4. Check and adjustment of all electronic settings
  5. Check and adjustment all hydraulic settings
  6. Measuring the leak-oil amount of all axial piston pumps and motors to determine their grade of internal wear
  7. Taking hydraulic oil samples for laboratory analysis and oil condition monitoring
  8. Measuring the axial clearance of main slewing bearing ring, incl. taking grease samples for ferrography analysis
  9. Full crane function testing and crane overload testing
  10. Carry out miscellaneous crane repairs and crane troubleshooting as necessary

5 Yearly Crane Survey reporting package

Alatas will establish a comprehensive 5 Yearly Crane Survey reporting package with a summary picture report and class approval documents. Here’s what it includes:

  1. General condition of the crane
  2. Defects found
  3. Recommendations of outstanding items to follow-up
  4. Completed checklist
  5. General observations / recommendations
  6. Offer of parts and labour to clear open items
  7. Oil & grease sample analysis report

A big thanks to the professional engineers involved in executing the project so well.

Job Gallery for Liebherr RL 1500-20D 5 Yearly Survey


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