Liebherr MTC Crane Inspection

Region: Great Yarmouth
Manufacturer: Liebherr
Model: MTC 2600-100
Service: Repairs

Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationGreat Yarmouth
Vessel TypeJack-Up Ship
Crane ManufacturerLiebherr
Crane ModelMTC 2600-10

Alatas Middle East was called by Alatas UK to conduct a Liebherr MTC crane inspection and troubleshooting of jerky slew performance on a MTC 2600-100 installed on a jack-up ship in Great Yarmouth. The bad performance was due to a big radius.

Job Scope Liebherr MTC Crane Inspection

  1. Mobilisation from Vienna to Great Yarmouth Port
  2. Discussed with the persons in charge of the safe procedure for inspection
  3. Carried out slew function test
  4. During this test lot of clearance in the slew gear carrier appeared
  5. For further investigation, upper bearing slides and the setting of the slew gear carrier had to be checked
  6. To receive proper measurements slew gearbox carriers had to be taken off
  7. Measured main pins and borings on all three carriers to inspect if clearances are still kept or if excessive wear caused the problem
  8. An excessive axial clearance on the guide rollers was found to cause the problem as spacer shims were missing completely
  9. Reinstalled shims and slew gear carriers
  10. Carried out settings as per manufactures procedure
  11. Carried out slew test with three different operators as the problem just came up intermittent
  12. Operators were satisfied with the performance of the slew and gearbox carriers remained steady during operation


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