Boom Repairs to 500t Liebherr BOS

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Crane ManufacturerLiebherr
Crane ModelBOS 500T

Our worldwide network of Offshore Crane Engineers carried out boom repairs to a 500t Liebherr BOS offshore crane. Supervising the overhaul and crane certification with DNV was by Elgin Brown and Hamer Namibia Ltd in Walvis Bay, West Africa.

Job Report for Boom Repairs to a 500t Liebherr BOS

  • Complete project management
  • Complete condition evaluation of the crane
  • Full NDT inspection of the load-carrying structure
  • Preparation of a comprehensive five month project plan
  • Preparation and approval for all relevant NDT and welding procedures
  • Supervision of replacement and repair of structural elements in the boom
  • Supervision of the disassembly, overhaul, assembly and testing of all winches, gears, brakes
  • Removal of crane boom and breakdown into main sections, removal of winches, NDT of crane boom structure, replacement of approx 50% of the boom pipes, overhaul of gears
  • Reassembly of winches, gears, boom sections, crane boom installation onto the crane, rope reeving, commissioning and overload testing with the certifying authority
  • Engineering, design, remodelling of the crane boom for the preparation or repair, welding and inspection documentation
  • Supervision and testing of a new SLI system for all three hoist arrangements
  • Load and overload testing using multiple water bags
  • Drawing up of an updated crane certification document package and the submission to the certifying authority
  • Hand over

Why Alatas was chosen

Alatas vast expertise in procurement of spare parts for these old cranes, our experienced Offshore Crane Engineers and our workshop resources meant that we were perfectly positioned to carry out the work on this project.


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