Jacking and Skidding System Design

Alatas ServiceEngineering
LocationIndonesia, Aberdeen, UK
Equipment Type Heat Exchanged Tube Bundle

A client in Indonesia approached Alatas to complete a turnkey custom mechanical handling package to replace the internal tube bundle from a heat exchange. To achieve this task, a collaboration between Alatas worldwide teams from Aberdeen, Singapore and Indonesia for this custom jacking and skidding system design to deliver the client’s request.

The job requirement was to safely exchange the inner tube bundle assembly from a heat exchanger unit on their FPSO deck. However, the location of the heat exchanger, which weighs ~45 tonnes, has significant local obstructions and allows no space to complete the scope. So, an additional requirement for a specialist mechanical handling scheme to be designed to enable the safe and efficient changeout of the Heat Exchanger Tube Bundle, which weighs +18 tonne.

Our Engineering Solution

Using 3D models of the FPSO and a local survey, the Alatas Engineering team based in Aberdeen designed a custom jacking system complete with a synchronized jacking console to raise the tube bundle +2.5m to clear all obstructions in the surrounding area.

We designed a slideout table that Alatas Indonesia could install on the FPSO in a modular fashion. This system would then allow the tube bundle to be skidded from its housing onto the slideout table and into the range of the platform crane.

On completion of design in the UK, our Alatas Indonesia team, supported by Alatas Singapore will fabricate the jacking system components, and our field service team will complete the scope offshore.

We will report back when Alatas Indonesia has installed the jacking and skidding system. In the meantime, if you require any engineering solutions for your offshore operations or anything else, we can help. Please Contact Us with any enquiries.


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