Huisman Offshore Mast Crane Load Testing

Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationQuayside Amelia, Louisiana, USA
Vessel TypeOffshore Support Vessel
Equipment Type Mast Crane
Equipment ManufacturerHuisman
Equipment ModelOMC 400t

Alatas America was contracted for Huisman offshore mast crane load testing at Quayside Amelia, Louisiana, USA. These load tests were undertaken as part of the client’s Annual Load Testing of their OMC in the presence of a Class Surveyor.

Field Service Technicians from Alatas US mobilised and travelled to the client’s vessel at Amelia Louisiana, USA. Our technicians conducted proof load tests in addition to visual examination pre-load testing of all hook blocks. During these inspections, the team detected thrust bearings that had worn beyond tolerable limits. The Alatas technicians informed the client accordingly.

The technicians tested the remaining loads and all held for 5 minutes and to the satisfaction of the attending surveyor. To conclude the work from our technicians Huisman offshore mast crane load testing, MPI was carried out to all accessible and critical areas of the Hook’s Pre and Post load testing again in the presence of the attending Surveyor.

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Job Scope

  • Load Test of Main Hoist to 440 Metric Ton 
  • Load Test of Aux Line to 45 Metric Ton
  • Load Test of Whip Hoist to 25 Metric Ton
  • Load Test of Left Tugger Line to 12.5 Metric Ton
  • Load Test of Right Tugger Line to 9.5 Metric Ton
  • Visual and MPI of all Hooks Pre and Post Load Testing


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