Huisman Main Wire Rope Changeout Mexico
Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationMexico, Veracruz, Port TNG
Equipment Type Offshore Deck Crane
Equipment ManufacturerHuisman
Equipment Model800MT HLMC

Alatas Mexico was contracted for a Huisman main wire rope changeout on an 800MT HLMC deck crane and was requested to replace the wire rope in TNG Port in Veracruz.

Job Scope

  • Alatas Mexico Crew Service Technicians flew out to Veracruz in Mexico.
  • The 50mm main wire rope was replaced according to API RP 2D. It was verified the correct way to positioning the wire rope on the drum.
  • Alatas Mexico used a Spooler Machine to put tension in the wire rope. The total drum weight was 22 Ton.
  • Alatas perform a successful anchor point installation.
  • Final testing

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