Huisman Main Wire Rope Changeout Mexico

Huisman Main Wire Rope Changeout Mexico
Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationMexico, Veracruz, Port TNG
Equipment Type Offshore Deck Crane
Equipment ManufacturerHuisman
Equipment Model800MT HLMC

Alatas Mexico was contracted for a Huisman main wire rope changeout on an 800MT HLMC deck crane and was requested to replace the wire rope in TNG Port in Veracruz.

Job Scope

  • Alatas Mexico Crew Service Technicians flew out to Veracruz in Mexico.
  • The 50mm main wire rope was replaced according to API RP 2D. It was verified the correct way to positioning the wire rope on the drum.
  • Alatas Mexico used a Spooler Machine to put tension in the wire rope. The total drum weight was 22 Ton.
  • Alatas perform a successful anchor point installation.
  • Final testing


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