Heat Treatment on Offshore Crane Structures

Alatas was asked to assess the damage to a boom foot section after an accidental impact which caused the part to bend backwards on a LeTourneau crane.

The assessment found that no cracks to the material or welding were caused. So heat treatment with indirect mechanical force to straighten the boom was recommended. 

For this scenario, a repair was deemed the better over completely replacing the boom foot section. So the heat treatment was carried out some weeks after the initial suite survey. 

Workshop tests before repairs on-site

External heat treatment tests with an identical material took place in the Alatas workshop. The tests aimed to determine which process to use as well as finding out the heating tools and volume of fuel required. 

While this work was taking place, an additional boom rest was designed, manufactured and installed on-site, which put the damaged boom foot section under stress supporting the heating process.

The heating process took five days and solved the bending and twisting of the boom and returned it to an almost original position. A load test was conducted after completion of a full NDT on all repair areas.

The total number of days spent by the Alatas expert for the initial site survey and along with the heat treatment was 14 days from start to finish; providing a job-ready repair to the crane.


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