Offshore Engineering and Design Services

Offshore Engineering and Design Services
Alatas ServiceDesign & Engineering
Equipment LocationBonga Oilfield, Nigeria
Crane Type Molde Cranes
Crane ManufacturerHydralift
Crane ModelsX9001-01, X9002-01, X9003-01

Alatas UK’s Offshore Engineering and Design Services were tasked with the fatigue life assessment studies for 3x Hydralift Molde cranes. The maximum SWL lift capacity of each crane is Topside 1–Fall SWL 12Ton x R65.4m, Offboard 2–Fall SWL 31Ton x R32.5m at SHW1.5 and Offboard 3–Fall SWL 46Ton x R15.0m at SHW1.5

The three Hydralift FPSO cranes have completed their design life. So the client wanted to conduct a fatigue life assessment study of the cranes’ pedestal adapters, machine house, A-Frame and latticed boom structure to extend their use for another 21 years fatigue life. The crane structure may exhibit an infinite fatigue life if the platform and offboard lifts and operating conditions are kept 25% lower than the derived fatigue load.

With the past 17 years and additional 21 years of life extension taken into account, the Alatas team’s structural fatigue life assessment study found the three Hydralift Molde cranes on BONGA FPSO can continue operational needs for the extended period as assessed.


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