Electromagnetic Inspection of Subsea Handling Crane

Alatas ServiceWorkshop Repairs, Inspection
LocationTexas, USA
Crane TypeSubsea Handling Equipment
EquipmentLARS (Launch and Recovery Systems)
Inspection MethodElectromagnetic (EMAG)

Alatas Americas was contracted to complete an electromagnetic inspection of a Subsea Handling crane. Alatas provided the necessary checks on the LARS system before it was deployed as per the client’s SOP.

The client decided to transport their LARS systems and relevant equipment to Alatas Americas head office and primary workshop in Manvel Texas, USA. Upon arrival, the Alatas team unloaded LARS systems and equipment and set up our own spooling machine and suitable empty spool for the winch’s 10,000ft of 32mm multistrand rope.

Electromagnetic wire rope inspection

The team conducted the electromagnetic wire rope inspection whilst the wire was spooled from the LARS system to Alatas spooler. All inspection work was carried out according to ISO 4309 2017 and completed visual examinations in line Alatas Inspection Procedures.

After completing the EMAG wire rope inspection, the team set up the Pressure Lubrication system. This way, they could re-lubricate the rope whilst it was being spooled back to the client’s LARS system.

Comprehensive inspections

Upon completing both the Wire Rope EMAG and Pressure Lubrication, the Alatas Inspection Personnel also conducted an Annual Inspection to the LARS frames/HPU frames/lifting equipment and lifting points. To conclude the project, Alatas US reloaded the equipment back to the client.


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