MacGregor TGL 4026-2/3628-2 Troubleshooting

Alatas Service: Field Service, Parts Supply
Region: Indonesia
Manufacturer: MacGregor
Model: TGL 4026-2/3628-2

This MacGregor TGL 4026-2/3628-2 troubleshooting project was for a vessel at Berau Anchorage in Indonesia. When loading coal, its Crane-3 developed a problem and luffing and slewing functions which stopped it operating.

The Alatas 24 Hour Crane Breakdown Emergency Hotline launched into action. A senior, multi-disciplined crane specialist was mobilised onsite overnight out of the Alatas Singapore office.

What our Crane Specialist found

The PLC control system (CC3000) was checked and found to be working OK. Hydraulic troubleshooting revealed that the luffing pump had a catastrophic failure which had caused metal debris to be spread throughout the system.

This also damaged the hydraulic luffing motor and both slewing pumps were beyond repair. This meant emergency parts were required.

Alatas Parts Supply

  • 1x 189.4780-801 Luffing Motor A2FM107
  • 1x 289.3872-801 Hoisting / Luffing Pump A4VG125
  • 2x 289.3872-801 Slewing Pump A4VG 125

Parts were shipped via urgent air freight to the next loading port in Kosichang / Thailand. One additional hydraulic engineer was mobilised and the following crane repairs were carried out.

Job Scope for MacGregor TGL 4026-2/3628-2 Troubleshooting

  1. Hydraulic system flushing and oil cleaning
  2. Drained all oil from oil tank into spare drums
  3. Opened oil tank covers and thoroughly cleaned debris and slush from tank
  4. Cleaned filter housing, changed filter elements
  5. Removed all hoses and piping from hoisting, luffing and slewing system, inspect & clean them
  6. Removed relieve valve(s) at pump side, dismantle & internally clean it, change O-rings
  7. Remove hydraulic motor valve block(s), fully dismantle and clean all spools & valves, change O-rings
  8. Refill hydraulic oil via portable filtration unit
  9. Replaced luffing motor, luffing pump and both slewing pumps with Alatas supplied spares
  10. Test run crane and carried out comprehensive function checks, pressure checks and leak-oil measurement
  11. Handed crane over to stevedores for cargo operation
  12. Stand by during cargo operation

The crane was fully restored and again operates reliably after Alatas comprehensive repairs.

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