Deck Crane Electromagnetic Wire Inspections

Annual Wire Rope Inspections Guyana
Alatas ServiceField Service
Crane TypesDeck, BOP
Crane ManufacturerNOV
Crane ModelsOC4475KSCE 165T (Deck crane)
3x OC4000KCE 100T (Deck crane)
BOP Crane: Temp 3345
Inspection MethodElectromagnetic (EMAG)

Alatas Americas was contracted to complete deck crane electromagnetic wire inspections in Guyana on four NOV deck cranes and BOP crane. As per client’s SOP annual inspections, we used Electromagnetics (EMAG) to complete the inspection work.

A Field Service Technician from Alatas US mobilised to Guyana to attend the vessel at sea. They conducted Electromagnetic Wire Rope Inspections (EMAG) following ISO 4309 2017 visual examinations and Alatas Inspection Procedures.

First, the Alatas Technician installed the EMAG sensor head above the three 100T deck cranes hoisting drums. Then they placed the crane on multi-fall block to avoid placing wire on to the main deck and confirmed calibrations/balance of EMAG system and ran out the rope. From this the technician was able to confirm the remainder of wraps to drum (limits) and then confirmed that adequate lubrication was present on the rope with applicable photographs. In the presence of RMS on board, the 100T deck and BOP cranes were further verified by our technician.

The Field Service technician then relocated EMAG equipment to AFT of vessel to complete inspections on the 165T AHC Subsea Crane. They exchanged wire rope inserts on EMAG sensor head to suit 36mm and 76mm 10,000ft Subsea Wire. Ropes were placed into the sea and were ran out to Max Water Depth as confirmed with the vessel.

When the inspection was completed and as per procedure ropes were cleaned with freshwater when being returned to drums. As water depth in the current working location was 5,790ft, a partial inspection was completed on both Main and Auxiliary Lines in prior agreement with the client. Our technician completed inspection on all the deck and BOP cranes to the client’s satisfaction with no defective equipment.

Job Scope

  • Annual Crane Wire Rope Inspections
  • Annual CCEs
  • Gearbox Exchange
  • Cylinder Removal/Replacement
  • On-site Hook Block overhauls


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