Crane Wire Rope Inspections

Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationPort Fourchon, Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico
Equipment Type Offshore Cranes Subsea Handling Equipment
ModelAHC Knuckleboom Deck Crane 150T

Alatas Americas performed annual crane wire rope inspections on a 150T MacGregor AHC Knuckleboom Deck Crane (model HMC3568). The work carried out by the Alatas Americas Field Service team took place on the client’s offshore vessel situated in the Gulf of Mexico. The annual crane wire rope inspection, required as part of the client’s SOP, was completed with electromagnetics (EMAG) with visual examinations of the crane tugger wires.

Job Scope

Alatas America’s Field Service Technician mobilised to Port Fourchon in Louisiana to join the vessel. As the ship had a total of 66mm main wire length of 10,000Ft, it sailed to the centre GoM to reach a suitable deepwater depth to conduct full wire inspections.

Alatas Technicians conducted electromagnetic (EMAG) wire rope inspection and visual examinations in line with ISO 4309 2017 and Alatas Inspection Procedures. Then, the team installed the EMAG sensor head at Boom Tip Area and conducted calibrations / balance of the EMAG system and commenced wire rope payout to subsea depths, reaching a total of 9,700Ft. Our Technician confirmed the remainder of wraps to the drum (limits) and discussed with vessel management the regs pressure lubrication of the main rope. This task was carried out by vessel personnel with assistance from Alatas.

Then post pressure lubrication of the main wire rope exchanged wire rope inserts on EMAG sensor head to suit 28mm aux wire, and next, was the aux wire inspection to subsea. After these checks, the team de-rigged equipment and stored it for the return to shore. The last stage was the visual examinations of the crane tugger wires, which were ran-out to complete the visual analysis. Our team checked all deck crane wires to the satisfaction of the client with no defective equipment found.

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