Crane Pedestal Adapter Design and Engineering

Crane Pedestal Adapter Design and Engineering
Alatas ServiceDesign and Engineering
Crane Type Electro-hydraulic Ram Luffing Platform Crane
Crane ManufacturerLiebherr
Crane Model RL 650-10 Ex LSC

Alatas UK had recently facilitated the sale of a second-hand Liebherr RL 650-10 Ex LSC electro-hydraulic ram luffing platform crane with a maximum SWL 10Te loading capacity at boom working radius minR3.5m to maxR22m.

As part of the deal negotiated with our client, the Alatas Engineering and Design team were tasked with this custom design of the crane pedestal adapter. A suitable pedestal adapter was required to be provided to act as the transition between the LiebherrRL 650-10 Ex LSC crane’s slewing bearing and the existing client crane pedestal.

Our Crane Pedestal Adapter Solution

An interface between the crane slewing bearing and platform pedestal was not possible with the existing arrangement. So the introduction of a new pedestal adapter was the required solution.

Take a look at the modelling produced by our team below, and if you require our engineering for custom-made crane components or solutions, please Contact Us.


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