Offshore Crane Overload Test

Offshore Crane Overload Test
Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationPort Fourchon, LA, USA
Crane TypeKnuckle Boom
Offshore Deck Crane
Crane ManufacturerMacGregor / Hydramarine
Crane ModelHMC3568-LKO
Other equipmentWater weights

Alatas Americas was contracted to complete an offshore crane overload test for a MacGregor / Hydramaine HMC3568-LKO knuckle boom deck crane. The overload test was performed on the crane’s main hook and was part of a 5 Yearly Inspection at Port Fourchon, Louisiana. 

ABS states that all ABS classed cranes are to undergo load testing every 5 years. For cranes with a larger capacity than 50 metric tons, that means an excess of 10% of the maximum SWL.

All global Alatas service stations, including Alatas Americas, have water bags and water weight equipment to carry out load tests for offshore and marine vessels. If you require testing on any of your operational equipment, please Contact Us with your enquiry. 

Job Scope

  • All load test equipment mobilized is inspected and within calibration dates
  • Alatas technicians arrive onsite in Fourchon with all required test equipment
  • Rig-up lifting arrangement ensuring all items were installed correctly by technicians
  • Hook up all water connections
  • Alatas and vessel crew begin filling the water bags
  • We continuously check the crane mechanical and wire rope systems during load testing
  • Load test to 110 MT as per the required test load
  • Drained the water bags and rolled the equipment back up on the trailer
  • Technicians conduct a thorough evaluation of the crane’s critical load path, checking for any signs of cracks or damages caused by the load test
  • Main crane hook MPI carried out
  • Crane was put back into operations following this successful load test and post-load test inspection.


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