Crane Modernization USA

Crane Modernization USA
Alatas ServiceEngineering, Field Service, Workshop Repairs,
Manufacturing, Testing
LocationAmelia, LA, USA
Vessel TypeOffshore Supply Ship
Crane TypeOffshore Deck Crane
Crane ManufacturerGoodcrane

Alatas US carried out an extensive crane modernization project that demonstrated our multi-service capabilities, from engineering, manufacturing, workshop repairs, and field services. With our proven knowledge and expertise in crance design, manufacturing and onside modifications, a client chose Alatas USA to extend the jib of their Goodcrane offshore deck crane for a specific contract and provide a complete pedestal.

Overview of the project

Our in-house design team began the project by designing the jib extension and the new pedestal with a new winch that was to be added to the wire rope was specified. Next, Alatas US manufactured the new jib section while a partner fabricated the pedestal, with Alatas on top of quality control throughout the process. 

After manufacturing, it was over to our field service team, whose first job was to remove the existing jib section before installing the newly manufactured jib. After the field service team introduced all new components, testing, start-up and commissioning were carried out.

Job Scope


  • Design & engineered new jib-boom
  • Engineered new hook block, winch package and new pedestal
  • Design & engineered mounting modifications for winch package
  • Performed calculations to update load charts
  • New load charts programmed in LMI system
  • Designed and engineered new emergency load lowering system


  • Manufactured new jib-boom
  • Manufactured new winch mounting modification plate
  • NDT team completed MPI on 100% of welds
  • The machining team completed boring on all sheave plates for pins
  • Manufactured emergency load lowering hydraulic power unit skid Manufactured new pedestal ladders

Workshop Repairs

  • Rebuilt and tested 12 hydraulic pumps for the crane
  • Rebuilt and tested slip ring

Field Services

  • Removal of existing equipment including: aux wire rope, hook block & winch jib section
  • Prepared areas for the installation of new jib and installed jib mounting foundation
  • Installation of new jib section
  • Our NDT team completed MPI and UT shearwave on all associated welds
  • Installation of new aux winch and mount modification foundation
  • Relocated line riders
  • Removed external pedestal platforms from existing pedestal
  • Other installations included: Internal and External pedestal platforms on a new pedestal, all new ladders, a new emergency load lowering system and a new aux wire rope and hook block
  • Wired up slip ring and completed crane start-up and function
  • NDT, Load test and post-load testing performed

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