Crane Life Extension Analysis

Crane Life Extension Analysis
Alatas ServiceDesign & Engineering
Crane TypeOffshore, Platform
Crane ManufacturerItalgru
Crane Model T-500-SS

A client operating in Libya’s oilfields chose Alatas Engineering and Design services to conduct a crane life extension analysis for an Italgru T-500-SS Offshore Platform crane. The client required a fatigue life assessment to extend the operational lifespan of its diesel-hydraulic crane. 

Job Scope

Fatigue life assessment of the Italgru T-500-SS offshore crane structural components for derived fatigue loads to operate for another 20 years of fatigue life extension.


The Italgru T-500-SS has a maximum SWL lift capacity of SHW 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0m with the Topside & Offboard SWL 35Ton in 5 Ropes and has reached its 20 years design life. To add another 20 years of fatigue life, the client requested an assessment of the crane’s pedestal adapter, engine house structure, A-frame and latticed boom structure. The crane structure may exhibit almost an infinite fatigue life if the platform and offboard lifts at operating conditions are kept 25% lower than the derived fatigue load.

The study assumed a structural assessment after an overall life of 40 years based on historic cyclic loading on the crane and anticipated future fatigue loading on the crane structure. The study found that the Italgru T-500-SS could continue the client’s operational needs.

After the work, a full report was provided to the client. This crane life extension analysis gave the customer peace of mind, allowing them to continue with their operations while avoiding costly alternatives of sourcing new or alternative replacement equipment. 

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