Offshore Crane Condition Evaluations

Alatas Service: Field Service
Region: Malaysia
Manufacturers: NOV, Hydramarine
Model: OC3426KSCE, SWL, HMC 1400 LK 15

Our client’s Diving Support Vessel operating in Labuan, East Malaysia, required offshore crane condition evaluations on their assets.

The cranes onboard

  • 1x NOV (formerly Hydralift)
    AHC crane – Active Heave Compensated Offshore Crane
    Type: OC3426KSCE, SWL 140(70) ton
  • 2x Hydramarine
    HMC 1400 LK 15. knuckleboom cranes

As an Enterprise of Competence, Alatas employs multi-disciplined, factory-trained Crane Engineers who are Flag Approved Competent Persons.

Our Senior Engineers and Crane Inspectors are certified to API 2D and also have category B-1 competent person approval from the Norwegian Maritime Authority, permitting us to carry out annual and 5 Yearly Crane & Lifting Gear Inspections and Load Tests, and endorse the cargo gear certificates as per ILO 152.

Alatas Singapore Pte Ltd mobilised one of their Senior Crane Engineers with B-1 certification, organised test loads and carried out the inspection and overload test in Labuan.

Alatas expert Offshore Crane Condition Evaluation

Our Crane Condition Evaluation (aka Annual Crane Inspection) consists of the following:

  1. Review of certification and maintenance records
  2. Inspection of steel structure and loose gears according to our flag state and class approved crane check-up list
  3. Inspection and function testing of all main drive components
  4. Checking and adjustment of all electric and electronic settings
  5. Checking and adjustment all hydraulic settings
  6. Measuring the leak-oil amount of all axial piston pumps and motors to determine their internal grade of wear (second crane technician required)
  7. Measuring axial clearance of slewing bearing ring
  8. Crane function test
  9. Taking samples of hydraulic oil & bearing grease for analysis
  10. Carry out miscellaneous repair as necessary and possible with board means & time available during the check-up
  11. Endorsement of Cargo Gear Book
  12. Optional: overload testing and issuing ILO 152 form 2, Certificate of Test and Thorough Examination of Lifting Appliances

Job Scope after the Offshore Crane Condition Evaluations

Based on the findings of our engineer and the completed checklist, we will then forward our follow-up recommendations and a Summary Picture Report which contains the following information:

  1. General condition of the crane
  2. Defects found, highlighting critical safety deficiencies
  3. Recommendations of outstanding items to follow-up
  4. Completed crane checklist, red-amber-green
  5. General observations/recommendations
  6. Offer of spare parts & labour to repair defects found
  7. Hydraulic oil sample analysis report
  8. Ferrography analysis on the slewing bearing grease

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