Commissioning of Searex Omnilift Crane

Region: Al Ghaith, Dubai
Manufacturer: Searex
Model: Omnilift
Service: Repairs

Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationAl Ghaith, Dubai
Crane ManufacturerSearex
Crane Model210-TON OMNILIFT

Alatas Middle East was requested by Al Ghaith Oilfield Supply to carry out full crane inspection and commissioning of 210-ton Searex Omnilift crane after having major overhaul at Dubai drydocks.

Job Scope for the Commissioning of 210-ton Searex Omnilift Crane

  1. Full inspection of the crane using Alatas offshore crane checklist
  2. Full inspection of steel structures such as pedestal, revolving structure, A-Frame and boom
  3. Full inspection of hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems
  4. Full inspection gearboxes, ropes, sheaves, winches, pumps motors, hook blocks main and auxiliary
  5. Full function test of engine and its new safety devices
  6. List down punch list and verify follow up repair on the punch list
  7. Full crane function test, limits and safety devices test commissioning
  8. Load test in the presence of DNV and GL surveyors on main and auxiliary
  9. Handover of crane to the customer after all test and load test


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