Offshore CCE Gulf of Mexico

Alatas ServiceField Service, CCE
LocationOcean Patriot, Gulf of Mexico
Crane TypeBlow Out Preventer BOP Gantry Crane
Crane Specifications265T

Alatas UK’s expert crane technicians were tasked with this offshore CCE in the Gulf of Mexico on board the Ocean Patriot drilling rig. Read our Job Report of the inspection of a 265T BOP (Blow Out Preventer) Gantry crane.

Pre-inspection steps

A team of expert Alatas engineers arrived on the Ocean Patriot, and the on-duty H&S staff on board provided the project induction and the Maintenance Supervisor and discussed the SOW for our visit.

The engineers were shown to the tool chests, and 2x pelican cases that had been shipped by the Alatas office and all was found to be in order.

Job Scope for Offshore CCE in the Gulf of Mexico

  1. A visual inspection of the BOP Gantry Crane was carried and found it to be well maintained. There were no issues identified structurally that would render the safe use of the crane. We also crossed reference our inspection with the previous annual inspection and confirmed that any issues had been rectified.
  2. The maintenance platform was in poor condition but after a discussion with the sub-sea tech, our team were made aware that cuts had to be made into the handrails to allow the top rack to be traversed fully across. This enables them to carry out maintenance on the top rack traverse gears and grease the hook blocks even poor weather. Safety procedures were in put in place so that a full body harness must be worn while working on top of the gantry.
  3. A visual inspection of mounted trolley equipment found it to be in a serviceable condition. The following components were also found to be in serviceable conditions:
    Main winches (2x hydraulic cylinders)
    Aux winches
    Cross travel unit
    Hydraulic motors
    Traverse gears
    Hook blocks
    Wire ropes and sheaves
    Hard piping
    Hydraulic hoses
    The newly installed control blocks and cross travel rails
  4. Inspected the HPU and found it to be in a serviceable condition.
  5. A function test to the BOP Gantry Crane was conducted when the crane was operating. The Alatas team listened out for odd noises and checking for a quick rise in temperature on the motor casing while it was operating. These two things are an early indication of a potential fault but this was no issues were found.

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