BLM Windlass Electric System Overhaul

BLM windlass electronic system overhaul
Alatas ServiceField Service, System Upgrades
LocationNorth Sea
Equipment Windlasses
ManufacturerBrissonneau and Lotz Marine (BLM)

Alatas specialises in Anchor Winch and Mooring Winch repairs. For this job, Alatas UK undertook this BLM windlass electronic system overhaul.

They were apart of some large container vessels are electric drive equipped, and after 10 years in operation, the BLM control system is starting to have more frequent breakdown and intermittent faults.

The owner engaged Alatas to carry out a pre-dry-docking survey and to come up with a repair plan and scope of work to entirely overhaul the windlasses, electric drive and control system.

Job Scope

Alatas deployed our BLM Deck Machinery Specialist and Control System Engineer to carry out the following electrical repairs:

  1. Provide 1x BLM specialist engineer ex Alatas Singapore and 1x Technician ex Alatas Shanghai
  2. Supply and replace contactors on anchor winch and mooring winch control panel
  3. Supply and replace carbon brushes on winch motors, polish commutator surface
  4. Service Motor resistor units and align cooling fins
  5. Troubleshoot mooring control panel 3 & 5 8.
  6. Carry out comprehensive function testing after overhaul
  7. Carry out anchor drop testing
  8. Carry out pull load testing of mooring winch


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