AmClyde 20000 Slewing Bearing Change Out

Alatas ServiceField Service, Parts Supply, Engineering
LocationPort of Veracruz, Mexico
Crane ManufacturerAmClyde
Crane Model 20000

Alatas was contracted by Cotemar to provide a turnkey engineering package for an AmClyde 20000 slewing bearing changeout. 

The deck crane’s slewing bearing condition had deteriorated to the point it needed to be changed to allow continued safe operation of the crane.

The client needed the replacement of their AmClyde 20000’s bearing to be carried out in the shortest possible timescale during a stop at Port of Veracruz to ensure no impact on operations when the vessel returned to the field.

Alatas Experienced Engineers Carry Out Inspection

Alatas first completed a survey of the vessel and designed a custom crane jacking system, complete with a slide-out table for the bearing exchange. The focus was to offer a solution that was modular in construction and could be installed as quickly as possible.

Changeout Procedure

With the design in place and components fabricated, an Alatas Field Service team mobilised to the vessel and installed the jacking system. With the crane safely elevated, the engineers slid out the old slew bearing and used specialist machinists to complete an alignment check and where necessary flange-facing of the bearing flange. 

Safety Check and Load Test

With the bearing surface within allowable limits, the team installed the new slew bearing and jacked the crane back down. Following construction and commissioning checks the crane was safely load tested and returned to service.

The result of this combined effort was a successful project, delivered without incident, ahead of schedule and under budget.

Jacking Rig installation

Slew bearing replacement

Load Test

The project involved the following services from 4 Alatas Worldwide offices


  • Project Management
  • Engineering & Design
  • Field Service Supervision


  • Spec and supply replacement  slew-bearing and fasteners
  • Supply of jacking console


  • Supply of Field Engineer


  • Client Interface
  • Logistics Support
  • Tooling Supply
  • Field Service Technicians

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