Amclyde 1200t Crane Overhaul

Amclyde 1200t crane overhaul
Alatas ServiceField Service, Crane Management
VesselOffshore Support Vessel
Crane ManufacturerAmClyde
Crane Model1200t

For this AmClyde 1200t crane overhaul, Alatas Middle East was called in for the supervision and crane recertification with GL in Dubai. Here’s what Alatas Middle East team delivered at the drydock in Dubai.

Job Scope for AmClyde 1200t Crane Overhaul

  • Complete project management
  • Condition evaluation of the entire crane
  • Full NDT inspection of the load-carrying structure
  • Preparation of a thorough job and project plan for seven months
  • Approval of all relevant NDT and welding procedures
  • Supervising replacement and repair of structural elements
  • Supervision of disassembly, overhaul, assembly and testing of all diesel engines, winch clutches, torque converter, gearboxes
  • Removal, NDT, installation of new bearings and seals for all rope sheaves located at the boom and a-frame
  • Installation of new wire ropes
  • Design and fabrication of a new tailor-made main drive 300kg pinion
  • Engineering, design, approval, manufacturing supervision and testing of a new 1200t hook shackle
  • Supervising and testing of a new SLI system for all three hoist arrangements
  • Load and overload tests of the crane using a barge as test weight
  • Establishing of an updated crane certification document package and the submission to GL Hamburg for review and approval
  • Hand over


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