Refurbishment of Liebherr Offshore Cranes

Alatas ServiceField Service
Crane ManufacturerLiebherr
Crane ModelBOS 240/5000, B10/24-26 SH

For this refurbishment of a Liebherr offshore cranes, our client had recently purchased an offshore support vessel: the Armada Haw, built during 1978. The two cranes aboard, 1x Liebherr Offshore Crane BOS 240/5000 and 1x deck crane B10/24-26 SH, being of equal age, also required maintenance and upgrades.

Alatas Singapore was called in for a crane inspection and condition assessment. Alatas’ own factory-trained Liebherr specialist engineers attended the vessel and drew up the following job scope:

Job Scope for Refurbishment of Liebherr Offshore Cranes

  1. Complete wire change-out
  2. Hydraulic repairs
  3. Installation & calibration of a new Safe Load Indicator
  4. Replacement of all wire ropes and other repairs

Under Alatas project management and onsite supervision, the following work was carried out on the cranes.

Job Reports

Supply and Replacement of Wire Ropes
Alatas supplied and installed original Liebherr specified Teufelberger wire ropes, type TK6SQ and QS816V, a total of 3,069 meters of rope were changed out

Supply, installation & calibration of Wylie W630v3 Rated Capacity Indicator
The Wylie W630v3 system with optional data logger capabilities was installed as a Load Moment Limiter (LML). The total turn-over moment is being measured via a single load cell in the luffing wire ropes, which keeps the installation simple and cost-effective while protecting the crane reliably from overload.

Overhaul of the hydraulic system
A number of worn down and obsolete hydraulic units (Hydromatik A2V HW/EL pumps, A2F225 motors) had to be changed out from Alatas Stock.

Overhaul of the electric system
Alatas engineers are intimately familiar with the old Liebherr TTL based analogue control system. The electronic card rack was refurbished and rewired. PCB card where function checked and correctly adjusted. Desolate switch cabinets were rewired and defunct switchgear, contactors & relays were changed-out.

Diesel Engines
The main mover is a pair of Mercedes Benz OM404 Diesel Engines. The engines were overhauled at an outside contractor and Alatas designed and installed a new Engine Speed Control system.

Load testing
Alatas supplied water bag test loads and tested the cranes to 110% of capacity; proof load supplied was 264 ton.

Alatas continues to provide field service, spare parts and technical back up for these cranes and assist our customer around the clock, 24/7.


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