MacGregor 250T Pre Docking Inspection

Alatas ServiceField Service
Product TypeKnuckle Boom Crane
Crane ManufacturerMacGregor
Crane Model250T

Alatas engineers carried out a MacGregor 250T pre docking inspection.

Alatas’ engineers attended the knuckle boom crane applying our excellent inspection format and high standards which were used to build the scope of work for the docking.

Job Scope for MacGregor 250T Pre Docking Inspection

  1. Completion of the 30 page inspection checklist report for each crane
  2. Hydraulic inspection including leak oil inspection
  3. Electrical inspection including insulation testing
  4. Mechanical inspections including spline inspections and pin inspections
  5. Operational, function and safety system inspection
  6. Oil sampling and analysing


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