Alatas First Rental Crane Design

Alatas ServiceEngineering, Field Service
LocationAsia, Worldwide
Equipment Type Stiff-Leg Rental Crane
Equipment ManufacturerAlatas Worldwide
Equipment ModelASL25-10(2-20)

Alatas have completed the design and manufacture of the first in-house designed crane in the Alatas Worldwide Portfolio. Our ASL25-10(2-20) stiff-leg model crane has entered service on a +4 year contract with our client in the Asia region, complete with dedicated crane operators and rig-up/rig-down crews.

How we built the first Alatas crane

Using our extensive industry experience, we have drawn on established design principles for modular rental cranes to create the ASL25-10(2-20). We looked to add additional features to improve safety and increase efficiency in the build and test process. These have included telescopic outrigger legs, enhanced self-erect package and skidding function to move between locations on the rig unaided by other cranes.

Our ASL25-10(2-20) stiff-leg model crane has been designed and manufactured to API2C 7th edition and has undergone full 3rd party verification of both the design calculations and full manufacture and test process prior to being put into service.

The first in-house designed crane in the Alatas Worldwide Portfolio

With a capacity of up to 25 tonne depending on boom configuration, the ASL25-10(2-10) represents the first in a portfolio of bespoke Alatas modular rental cranes we expect to introduce to the business. Our new crane complements the larger traditional offshore rental cranes we stock which has capacity in excess of 70 tonne or larger to suit client and project requirements.

The success of this project has been a direct result of multi-office collaboration. It is a testament to our one team ethic that exists throughout the Alatas Worldwide global business.

  • Alatas Indonesia – Project Management, Fabrication and Assembly, Install and Operation
  • Alatas Singapore – Project Management, Technical Support and Equipment Supply
  • Alatas UK – Engineering and Design Services
  • Alatas US – Equipment Supply
  • Alatas China – Equipment Supply

For all your temporary crane needs regardless of region please Contact Us for discussion on how we can support you.


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