Adjustable Bumper Bar

Alatas ServiceEngineering Design
LocationSingapore, UK
Crane TypeOffshore Platform
Rope Luffing Pedestal
Crane ManufacturerFavelle Favco
Crane Model6/10K, 7.5/10K, 8/10K

Alatas UK was awarded a scope to design and supply various sizes of adjustable bumper bars to protect lattices from hook striking. Following the client’s survey requirement, a preliminary engineering and design methodology was evolved to build up 3D model of different bumper bar sizes to optimize further the design for effective use of the desired purpose.

What are Bumper Bars?

Bumper bars or boom protection sets are installed to safeguard the boom lattice(s) when the crane boom is at the minimum radius, and the hook block may hit the boom lattice(s) to buckle it dangerously.

Introducing Alatas Adjustable Bumper Bar

To deal with such incidents, Alatas UK has designed Adjustable Bumper Bars. All our Adjustable Bumper Bar / Boom Protection Sets are manufactured with high strength steel, coupled with a rubber layered boom chord clamping flanges and heavy-duty D-Profile rubber bumper to effectively withstand a hook strike force to keep adjacent boom lattices protected.

Adjustable Bumper Bars cover a boom span range of 1050mm to 2250mm for Ø114mm and Ø 139mm chords as standard and with simple amendment can be modified to suit other sizes. Our complete Adjustable Bumper Bar range is 100% DROPS compliant, with all bolts Galvanized, the nuts are Nylon Self Locknuts, and all washers/spring washers from NORD-LOCK. The complete system also comes with a lanyard and accessories. The bumper bar unit is finally sandblasted and painted with a 3-layer marine grade paint.

If you would like to find out more about our boom protection solution, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


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