A-Frame Installation at A&P Tyne

A-Frame installation at A&P Tyne
Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationA&P Tyne, UK
Vessel TypeOffshore Vessel
Crane ManufacturerHydralift
Crane TypeA-Frame
Crane ModelMA-K4556

Alatas UK was called in to oversee the installation of Hydalift A-Frame at the dock at A&P Tyne, on the east coast of the UK. The extensive work scope covered the installation of the A-Frame MA-K4556 itself, along with hose changeouts, overhauls to valves, pumps and to the accumulator. As well as alterations to the hydraulic system as per Hydralift’s system schematic.

Job Scope

  1. Overhaul of main pump and emergency pump:
  2. Full hose change out including produce hose survey
  3. Overhaul of flow control valves
  4. Overhaul of PULSER valve
  5. Change out of all filters
  6. Overhaul of accumulator
  7. Alterations to be made to hydraulic system 
  8. Oversee all electrical work
  9. Oversee installation of A-frame
  10. Carry out full function checks
  11. Carry out load test of A-frame and main deck crane

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