5 Year Inspection of Huisman Cranes

Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationLouisiana, Gulf of Mexico
Product TypeKnuckle Boom, PMOC Cranes
Crane ManufacturerHuisman / SMST
Crane ModelPMOC / SBOP / RGC

Alatas USA was called in for this 5 Year Inspection of drillship Huisman cranes in the Gulf of Mexico. A full Alatas turnkey package included a complete crane condition evaluation, inspection and load testing of all cranes on the cargo gear register.

Cranes Inspected and Tested

  • BOP Crane 100t Hoists
  • Pipe Hold Gantry Cranes
  • MPT Service Crane
  • PMOC Cranes

Inspection List

  1. Mechanical Inspection
  2. Hydraulic Inspection
  3. Safety System testing (MOPS/AOPS/ELL/LIMITS)
  4. NDT Inspection using Eddy Current, MPI, Phased Array
  5. Overload Testing using water bags as well as solid weights calibrated load cells

Alatas delivered the full turnkey package to the satisfaction of DNV and the owner of the vessel.


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