5 Year Inspection of Drillship NOV cranes

Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationGulf of Mexico
Product TypeKnuckle Boom Crane
Crane ManufacturerNOV
Crane ModelOC3932KCE / OC4000KCE / OC4475KSCE

Alatas USA was called in for this 5 Year Inspection of drillship NOV cranes in the Gulf of Mexico. A full Alatas turnkey package included a complete crane condition evaluation, inspection and load testing of all cranes on the cargo gear register.

Cranes Inspected

  • BOP Crane 2 x 220t Hoists
  • Helideck Oriental 10T crane
  • NOV OC3932KCE 85T Cranes
  • NOC OC4475KSCE 165T AHC Crane
  • NOV OC1891PS01 Pipe Handling Crane

Inspection List

  1. Mechanical Inspection
  2. Hydraulic Inspection
  3. Safety System testing (MOPS/AOPS/ELL/LIMITS)
  4. NDT Inspection using Eddy Current, MPI, Phased Array
  5. Overload Testing using water bags and calibrated load cells


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