Refurbishment of Zollern Hoist Winch

Alatas ServiceField Service, Workshop Repairs
LocationVietnam, Singapore
Crane ManufacturerLiebherr
Winch ManufacturerZollern
Winch ModelZHP 4.31

The customer’s vessel with 240t Liebherr crane required refurbishment of its Zollern hoist winch.

The ship was operating offshore of Vietnam when the 30t aux winch developed a problem. A Liebherr Specialist Engineer from Alatas Singapore was flown in to assess the problem.

They found the needle bearings between rope drum and supporting housing had disintegrated, causing major damage on the running surfaces of the rope drum and the end housing.

The winch is a special one-off Zollern winch, type ZHP 4.31, with a length of 4.4.meter and a weight of 6t.

Troubleshooting on-site to Service Station Repairs

Arrangements were made to remove the rope winch in Vung Tau and ship to Alatas Singapore; a Zollern approved winch and gearbox repair station.

Custom repair drawings were made up and the rope drum was repaired via machining down the wasted needle bearing raceways and shrink-fitting a matching repair ring.

The repaired rope winch then was shipped back to the vessel and installed by Alatas Engineers. Limit switch adjustments, function testing and a proof load test was carried out to verify the successful winch repair.


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