Repairs to Kawasaki K3V 112cc in Bradford

Alatas ServiceWorkshop Repairs, Parts Supply
LocationBradford, UK
Equipment TypePump for Excavator
ModelK3V 112cc

The Alatas UK Workshop in Bradford carried out repairs to a Kawasaki K3V 112cc. Alatas workshops have 30 years of experience in mobile machinery repairs. This includes hydraulic pumps, motors and gearbox assemblies for mobile cranes, excavators, piling rigs and more across many industries.

The unit was received, disassembled and assessed on the same day by our experts. As our workshops hold stock parts for many different common units such as this Kawasaki K3V, the engineers were able to rebuild and test the pump in-house without dependencies on others.

Our efficient service, engineering ability and our own stock meant the client’s excavator was out of action for a minimal amount of time.


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