Decommissioning of Liebherr Gantry Crane

decommissioning of a Liebherr gantry crane
Alatas ServiceField Service
Crane ManufacturerLiebherr
Crane typeElectro-Hydraulic Travelling Gantry Crane
Crane ModelMPS 45×21.1×25.9

This decommissioning of a Liebherr gantry crane were for vessels are equipped with a Liebherr’s Electro-Hydraulic Travelling Gantry Crane, type MPS 45×21.1×25.9 with a SWL of 45T.

The cranes, commissioned in 1990, had reached the end of their useful service life and were scheduled for decommissioning.

Alatas has a great deal of experience with Liebherr gantry cranes commissioning and was engaged by Maersk to supervise the dismantling of the crane and the yard’s heavy lifting operation.


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