Winch Overhaul on Huisman AHC

Winch Overhaul on Huisman AHC
Alatas ServiceWorkshop Repairs
LocationKristiansand, Norway
CraneHuisman AHC
WinchZollern ZHP4.36-EG

A client’s offshore Diving Support vessel in Norway required a winch overhaul on its Huisman AHC crane. The aux hoist winch was a Zollern ZHP4.36-EG which to our workshop for repairs.

The Huisman active heave compensated (AHC) knuckle boom crane, developed a hosing problem that required troubleshooting onsite by Alatas’ specialist AHC crane engineers.

The aux hoist winch with a wire rope capacity with a diameter of 36 mm X 1575 meter, a Zollern ZHP4.36-EG, had developed a leakage of the planetary gearbox. This required the winch to be removed for repairs at the Alatas’ Norway Workshop, which specialises in gearbox and hydraulic maintenance.

The entire winch was prepared for being lifted down from the crane for this major winch overhaul. Alatas engineers chose to remove the four winch support pins and to replace them with dummy pins so it could easily come off.

Workshop Job Scope for Winch Overhaul on Huisman AHC

After the winch arrived at the Alatas workshop, the hydraulic motor and primary brake was lifted off, and the winch was further stripped down, inspected and then rebuilt with new, Alatas supplied planetary gear parts.

Alatas’ multidiscipline service engineer and senior crane inspector (with B-1 approval from the Norwegian Maritime Authority) performed overload test as per NMA B-1 requirements after brakes were adjusted and winch fully commissioned.

The job was performed well within budget and on time.


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