TTS Hua Hui Hatch Cover Repair

Alatas ServiceField Service, Workshop Repairs
LocationHong Kong
Hatch Cover ManufacturerTTS Hua Hui

The vessel for this TTS Hua Hui hatch cover repair was had a malfunctioning hatch cover. A problem with the hatch cover’s hydraulic controls meant the hatch cover could not be opened or closed.

The owner called Alatas Hong Kong and as part of our deck machinery service, we sent our TTS Hatch Cover Specialist Engineer aboard to investigate. They identified the root cause to be a faulty hydraulic control valve assembly and advised it be sent ashore for repairs.

Out in the Field to our Workshop

Next Alatas worked 24/7 to overhaul the hatch cover valve block in our specialised hydraulic workshop.

We renewed the entire control block by replacing all the valves, i.e. directional control valves, counterbalance valves, relief valves and flow divider, all supplied from our own Alatas TTS Hua Hui spare parts stock.

The overhauled hydraulic control valve was installed onboard and all associated hydraulic hoses fittings were renewed accordingly.

The performance of the hatch cover opening and closing was tested successfully allowing the vessel to sail and continue its operations.

The hatch cover repairs were executed on an around the clock basis to minimise delays to the vessel and the owner.


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