Tsuji Crane Slewing Bearing Replacement

Alatas ServiceField Service
AssetCoal Transshipper Barge
Crane ManufacturerTsuji
Crane ModelBEIS 3526, Heavy Duty 4-Rope Grab Crane
Drive SystemElectric Drive, FRENIC 5000 VG7 Inverter
Grab ModelSMAG PEINER  4-Rope Scissor Grab  SCGL-L 35.0-0.9-24000

For this Tsuji crane slewing bearing replacement, we attended a client’s Transshipper Barge equipped with 4-rope grab cranes to unload coal from river barges into bulk carriers.

Our client operates off the coast of East Kalimantan where approximately 5 million tons of coal is transshipped every year. This work requires heavy-duty cycle capable cranes that are designed to the highest FEM duty rating (i.e. FEM Hoist Duty Classification of M8/L4/T7), and a tight maintenance routine.

Alatas Crane Service Contracts

At Alatas, we have Tsuji Crane and Frequency Drive Specialists who are incorporated into crane service contracts where we carry out regular periodic inspections and maintenance attendances in Indonesia.

Part of our maintenance routines is to carry out slewing bearing assessments, slewing bearing axial clearance measurements and slewing bearing grease ferrography analysis.

In the course of one of these regular crane inspections for this client, we found that the slewing bearing was reaching the end of its service life prematurely. Alatas carried out a and crane fatigue survey and a design review and a design review of the slew bearing.

Solution for Tsuji Crane Slewing Bearing Replacement

As part of the Crane Service Contract, the Alatas Singapore performed the Tsuji crane slew bearing replacement. Senior Alatas Service Engineers were entrusted with the task of completing this work together with certified Rigging and Lifting team.

Find out more about our Slewing Bearing procedures by reading the document below.

Job Scope for Tsuji Crane Slewing Bearing Replacement

  • Staging erected by the yard
  • Both wire ropes were removed via hydraulic rope spooling winch by our qualified riggers
  • Alatas designed the rigging plans and lifting plan and supplied all heavy-duty Rigging gear Boom and crane column were dismantled and removed by the quayside crane
  • Before installing the new, Alatas supplied slewing bearings the flange surfaces on the crane column and crane pedestal were checked for flatness with our laser alignment and flatness measuring equipment
  • The slewing bearings then where installed, fasteners torqued to correct value and the cranes reassembled.
  • Both cranes where fully function checked and then an overload test was carried out successfully in the presence of the Class surveyor

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