Troubleshooting Favelle Favco PC150

Alatas ServiceField Service
Crane ManufacturerFavelle Favco
Crane ModelPC150, PC6-10K
Motor ManufacturerRexroth
Motor ModelA2FM107

This tender barge required troubleshooting for its Favelle Favco PC150 and 6/10K offshore crane units.

The PC150 crane developed a problem with the luffing system, and a Favelle Favco engineer had attended previously but the problem remained.

Alatas Singapore was called in for emergency troubleshooting. Our multi-disciplined engineer diagnosed the problem which was due to hydraulic luffing motors that had worn internally.

Both motors had exceeded the internal leak-oil amount and were replaced with new Rexroth A2FM107 motors – supplied by Alatas Singapore. 

In addition to this service, our engineer also traced and rectified a slewing problem and carried out a comprehensive crane assessment following the Alatas Offshore Crane Checklist.

Here is what the owner had to say regarding the professionalism of Alatas Crane Engineers:

“I have just returned onshore from the rig and would like to comment on the Alatas Crane Service Engineer that was assigned to us.

He is an asset and a credit to Alatas.

His performance onboard over the past week has been outstanding. He is hard-working, methodically working through all the crane hydraulic systems and rectifying several areas that would develop into potential failures. He would clearly explain his logic and reasoning, always smiling, and without repeating myself, very professional.

Too many times previously, I have had an experience of service engineers who do not want to get involved and desperate to get off the rig as soon as they arrive. I have heard many excuses, and they have also left without the actual problem being correctly identified and correctly repaired. With your engineer, this most certainly was not the case. He worked hard and got the required results.

Now we are comfortable with the performance of this PC150 crane to perform heavy lift operation within the next few weeks.

I can reassure you that Alatas will always be our preferred vendor for all matters relating to cranes as long as I am in this region. This comment I have passed onto the management also.

I feel it is important to feedback this information.

We, here as a team in Myanmar, are also very happy with the parts service we have received recently from Alatas. Goods are received in a timely manner which is vital for our company to operate efficiently.

Many thanks once again.”

Vessel owner


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