Stern Ramp Wire Rope Change Out

Stern Ramp Wire Rope Change Out
Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationPacific Northwest Portland, USA
Equipment TypeStern Ramp, Ro/Ro, W1 Winches
Winch ManufacturerMacGregor
Winch ModelMRH-4400T

Alatas Americas was selected by the owner of a Hagglunds vehicle carrier on the west coast of the USA for a stern ramp wire rope change out. The wire rope of a MacGregor MRH-4400T W1 winch was in bad condition and was twisting and damaged and Alatas Americas mobilised in Portland in the northwest USA to begin the in-situ change out.

Job Scope

Please read through the full Job Scope for this stern ramp wire rope change out below. Also, if you require assistance with your cranes in the US or worldwide, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • Mobilized technicians and equipment to vessel
  • Provided a detailed procedure change out to the customer and attending technicians
  • Removed the damaged cables
  • Installed the newly supplied cables
  • Function tested the stern ramp
  • Demobilized all personnel & equipment
  • Completed in 24 hours


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