Stern Ramp Repairs

Stern Ramp Repairs
Alatas ServiceField Service, Workshop Repairs
LocationHouston, USA
Equipment TypeRamps
Ramp ManufacturerMacGregor

A client from a ship management company chose Alatas Americas to conduct a complete turnkey solution for required stern ramp repairs. The MacGregor stern ramp W2 was experiencing wire rope failure after boat operators dropped it in water during operation, which caused damage to the structure.

Alatas Stern Ramp Repairs Solution

Alatas Americas organized the stern ramp’s transportation and disassembly and transport to Alatas Americas’ workshop in Houston, Texas. Here, our team of engineers would carry out complete workshop repairs before reinstalling the ramp and round off the work with comprehensive function tests in the presence of ABS.

Job Scope

Read the full scope of work below. Since our engineers completed the repair work, the ramp has been in service for 2 years following the repair with no reported issues. If you require any help with ramps or anything thing else, please contact us.

  • Initial investigation / inspection
  • Comprise a work plan for ramp recovery
  • Recover ramp
  • Replace W2 wire rope to be able to operate stern ramp and set on the dock
  • Remove section 4 of the stern ramp for repair
  • Transport to Alatas Americas station
  • Remove all the plating on the stern ramp
  • Found the overall structure was very corroded, damaged.
  • Remove all corroded beams, plates and components
  • Found the main pin housings worn beyond acceptable levels
  • Replace all plates, beams and components.
  • Primed and painted all internals of the ramp section to ensure that the new plating/repair would last until the end of the ships service life
  • Weld-up the pin bosses and line bored to ensure maximum accuracy
  • The stern ramp plate close out and welded
  • Air test at 5 PSI and held for 15 minutes on the ramp to ensure complete watertight integrity
  • Pressured the internal ramp with 7 PSI of nitrogen to remain in the ramp for its life. To be checked annually.
  • Transported the ramp back to the vessel and completed the installation


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