Peiner-SMAG Motor Grab Overhaul

Peiner-SMAG Motor Grab Overhaul
Alatas ServiceWorkshop Repairs
LocationMiddle East
Grab ManufacturerPeiner-SMAG
Equipment4x Motor Grabs

Job Scope for Peiner-SMAG Motor Grab Overhaul

  1. Workshop receive 4 Peiner-SMAG motor grabs from the client’s vessel. All highly damaged, heavily worn and corroded
  2. Full strip down of all grabs
  3. Sand blasting of all steel components
  4. Visual and NDT inspection
  5. Replace heavy corroded and damaged structural parts
  6. Strip down of electric-hydraulic power pack
  7. Replace hydraulic pumps, hoses and fittings
  8. Dismantle all hydraulic cylinders
  9. Polish of cylinder rod, replacement of seals, assembly and testing of cylinders
  10. Clean and test of electric motors
  11. Complete assembly, painting, testing, preservation and shipping of grabs back to the vessel

The subject project was another success for the Alatas Crane Control System which can be adapted to any crane application in safe and zone rated environments.


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