Slewing Bearing Change Out Indoneisa

Crane Health Inspection Indonesia
Alatas ServiceMerchant Shipping
Equipment TypeShip Crane
Crane ManufacturerKawasaki
Crane Model KMH 30262

Alatas Indonesia attended a client’s vessel to perform a slewing bearing change out for two Kawasaki KMH 3026S deck cranes. The work included outlining new designs, part sourcing and supply, and installing the slewing bearings themselves. The client’s ongoing Crane Health Inspection contract with Alatas Worldwide covered this vital crane component replacement work.

Alatas personnel mobilise for inspection

With the vessel docked at an Indonesian shipyard, Alatas Indonesia carried out the Crane Health Inspection onboard. After completing their inspections the Alatas personnel recommended that two Kawasaki KMH 3026S ship cranes needed their slewing bearings replaced.

design Of new slewing bearings

Due to a lack of drawings and other technical details for the KMH 30262’s slewing bearings, Alatas was asked to measure the existing bearings then draw up new schematics to work to. Then the client tasked Alatas Indonesia to identify and supply the correct bearings needed for the KMH 3026S deck cranes.

Slewing bearing Installation

Alatas Indonesia mobilised two Service Engineers to supervise the slewing bearing change outs, assisted by shipyard staff. A flatness check was performed and found the result was out of tolerance as per Kawasaki’s original manufacturer standards. With this information, Alatas Service Engineers recommended the interface of the pedestal and column to be machined.

Alatas Solution

The client accepted the recommendation from our experts who carried out the machining work. There were good results from the subsequent flatness test and after the installation of the new slewing bearings, a load test was performed according to the class requirement.

If your crane operations require a slew bearing change out or are interested in our Crane Health Inspection packages available globally, please Contact Us.


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